A threat to the Amazon is a threat to us all

Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, has allowed for the destruction and land-grab of the Amazon in such unprecedented numbers that the issue is critical. Is it time for the UN to step in? Where does the EU stand on this issue after signing a new Free Trade Deal with Mercosur this month? Where do we stand? Who will take action to stop this crime?

And if you think the destruction of the Amazon has no effect on your life, you are seriously uninformed. It will not be an issue for the next generation. It is a red alert issue for us here and now, as our planet heats up and takes lives on a daily basis. We need forests. We need tall trees that absorb CO2 and protect the land from over-heating. When a tree is cut down, a new tree takes years to reach the height it needs to have an effect on ground-level temperatures.

The people who live on this land, in the Amazon, will suffer with the loss of their livelihoods and their homes. You and I, anywhere else on this planet, will suffer from less CO2 absorption and less trees to absorb the heat. This will lead to more erratic weather patterns. Too hot when its hot. Too cold when its cold. Freak storms that come out of nowhere and kill people, like the one in Greece this week. Every day, it seems, a new freak storm strikes somewhere. have you seen how people are struggling for water in Chennai, India after ALL the region’s reservoirs dried out? Or how about the freak rain-storms that took hold of Central Europe? This was all this week. A single week!

Please join our Brazil Group and join the voices of others from around the world who want actin to be taken. You and I, at home, in our daily lives can do things to make a difference. But we also need to keep talking about the Amazon to bring in more people and get the attention of the UN, who has a duty to act.

A threat to the Amazon is a threat to us all.  So, please also consider adding your signature to Greenpeace’s petition to Save the Amazon.

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