A woman’s journey to zero waste

Going zero waste is no easy task. But the Universe has been sending me not-so-subtle nudges to turn my home zero waste. I live in the city. An apartment block. I work for someone else, so controlling certain aspects of my work and my workplace is out of my control, like the paper wasted in an office, for example!

Living in an apartment block also means I will have limited control of certain aspects of my life, say, where my electricity comes from, for example. But there is plenty I can control – my food, my clothing, the beauty products I choose to use….

But I’m ready to go zero waste wherever and however i can – growing my own food and consuming only fresh produce I can purchase from a local market, rather than the supermarket where everything is pre-packaged in plastic.

I shall recycle old clothing. I have already stopped purchasing beauty products and shampoos, etc. I can get along perfectly with more natural products.

The food I would otherwise throw away, like banana peels, will now go to making my own soil fertilizer.

This is the beginning of my journey for 2020. And this video is but one of those that inspired my to take action. If we want change, we must start at home!

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