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The idea behind the local groups is a simple one – we need to focus more on local.  Like we used to a decade ago.  Those “free” trade deals our governments have flogged down our throats as something amazing is a menace to our very existence.  Just transportation is polluting our air and seas.  Nobody really needs a pair of shoes manufactured across the pond. Right?  Im not being “old world”.  I’m just trying to figure out why anyone really needs to import something from another country that is similar enough to something manufactured just a few kilometres away.

Consumerism is out of control.  But, its not just that.  Fact is, the English-speaking world has pretty much dominated the platform.  All platforms.  The web, TV, newspapers.  Everything.  I live in Portugal.  So, I can judge.  And they clogged us with brand-name awareness campaigns that have completely clouded our judgement. Today, if something doesnt come from a big corporation, for some reason, people find it difficult to trust. Why is that?  People buy books from Amazon before they order from a local outlet.  The same book!  People will only buy Nike or Adidas shoes before trying a new brand.  Why?

I’ve been noticing that the vegan market is starting to get infiltrated by these large investor-rich corporations.  Suddenly, Nestlé, of all brands, has vegan products!!  The big corporations are, again, trying to take over the market.  That means smaller, local brands will have a hard time surviving if we dont take action.

So, my idea with setting up these local spaces in the OhSo platform is to shine the light on local produce to local people.  Here’s a look at our Spain page.  The idea behind this is that people in Spain can easily, from this one page, find products, services, events and everything else near them.  As people join the local group, a local community will come to be, sharing knowledge through the videos they produce, recipes they share, local events, and so on.  We can even highlight local activism, to bring people together to solve a problem, or save a life, like an animal who needs rescue.

Each country will have its own page, its own community group and forum.  Its designed for local people as well as visitors. I’m guessing it will be a time-saver if you know where to find a good vegan restaurant, or a bed & breakfast that caters to vegans, for example, before getting there!

I’m just getting started with building these local pages, but I hope it helps you to see what I’m trying to achieve here – local information for local people.

Check out our groups pages.  Pick a place.  And join the local community.

As always, if you have any questions, leave a comment below so I can help.

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