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Every day, all over the world, there are amazing people who dig into their own pockets to save the life of animals who have been abandoned or abused.  With our Animal Rescues map, we hope to make it easier for fellow animal lovers to band up together and help save a life.

If you are looking for adopters, The Global Appeals Directory is the best way. Your listing appears in the directory and the easy-to-search map. But it also appears in the local pages section for local people to find your listings.  Here’s a look at our Spain page.  I’m just getting started with building these local pages, but I hope it helps you to see what I’m trying to achieve here – local information for local people = local achievements.



Anyone can post an appeal.  To post an appeal, go to Directory > Appeals > Add an Appeal and fill in the form.  To keep track of all your appeals, go to Directory > My Directory Dashboard.

If you need help, follow our official account @ohso.  Once you are following this account, you will be able to send us a Private Message with your questions.




Coming in August 2019, I hope the OhSo Crowdfunder will help save lives.   I’ve adopted the P2P model, which means the donation goes directly from the donor to the appeal author.  I wont charge commissions or fees of any sort on donations.



There’s something not right about profiting from donations. That’s how I feel. So, in late August, 2019, I’m introducing the OhSo CrowdFunder, where visitors and members can donate directly to you. No commissions. No Fees. You can set up your own CrowdFunding Campaign, manage it from your own dashboard, and all payments go directly to you the moment the donation is made. Simple!



As you know, there are people out there who use animal rescue appeals to pocket donations for themselves.  Its sad, but true.  So, before we allow anyone to request donations via this platform, we will contact you asking a few simple questions.

It will be easy enough for registered not-for-profit charities to provide proof of who they say they are. It wont be so easy for individuals to do so. I get it. I’ve been caring for homeless dogs and cats all my life, I’ve had times when I needed help purchasing food and paying vet bills by myself, and I’ve never registered with any charity. I know there are millions of individual angels out there. And I will never shut the door on you. So, I will simply ask you for some references, say, your vet, a registered shelter or rescue you deal with who can confirm your identity. In your crowdfunder, you will have the ability to post your vet bills for donors to scrutinize too. Simple.

Stay tuned for the crowdfunder.  Hope you enjoy it.

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