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Our platform is for cruelty-free, eco-friendly vendors and the wider community who want to contribute to building a more sustainable, responsible and friendly society.
Launched in March 2019, we are taking our first steps out of the door!  But, we are ready to welcome all like-minded people to join our community who believe we can make our world more eco-friendly, more people-friendly and more animal friendly.
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Add your videos to our EcoVideos - Just like YouTube, only without the spam and mess. Share & watch videos in a decluttered, spam-free space filled with informative and inspiring content by publishers from around the world.


For video publishers, you earn up to 10% commission on sales generated from your video pages from our Eco Store.


Recycled, cruelty-free, vegan products sold by vendors from all over the world. Opens on 31 March 2019.


Find and share vegan recipes from around the world.


You can pick items from our store that are relevant to your recipe, for example, ingredients or kitchen utensils, and, earn up to 10% commission on all sales generated from your recipe page.


Our Global Directories, with the aid of maps, can quickly help find local restaurants, hotels, shops, animal sanctuaries and even events happening near you.


EcoVideos are divided by Channels for our visitors to quickly find relevant content. Our Channels aim to cover all major subject-matters.

Decluttered, spam-free and free of internet marketers, the focus goes to quality, real information about a myriad of subjects of interest.


Our "Places" section serves as a local "Channel", where you can find local information. For example, the Spain Channel will feature videos from local publishers, will feature local business listings, local products in our store, find members locally in the region, local appeals from our Spanish Directories, and much more.


Add appeals to our Global Appeals Directory if you need to raise awareness or donations, find a home for an animal in need, add petitions, events, or list your not-for-profit sanctuary. Free, of course.

Our community is open to all like-minded people who want to contribute to a more people-friendly, animal-friendly and environmentally-friendly world.  Your profile is your introduction to the community.  We provide you with a number of tools for you to build a profile that tells the world about you, your business and your interests.

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We offer a bunch of tools for you to design a profile you can personalise as much has you want - photos, video, polls...
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Your latest video and recipe submissions will appear here on the sidebar. But, you can also feature a specific video or recipe like the one here on the left. Up to you.
Your Eco Store Products
If you are a vendor in our Eco Store, a selection of your products will appear here to entice new buyers.
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Raise your followers by telling everyone where you can be found on social media platforms.
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If you have added listings in our Directories, your latest listings will appear here in your profile.
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Our community is also broken down into niche groups. Pick the ones of most interest to you and join others like you.

March 2019

what’s coming

The Eco-Store

Where vendors from all over the world can sell recycled, cruelty-free everything from sustainable resources!

Property bookings

An AirBnB style booking platform exclusively for hotels, inns or homes that are eco-friendly (eg. powered by solar energy) and promote a cruelty-free lifestyle (eg. a plant-based menu).

Vegan Advertiser Network

March 2019, we are introducing our massive Vegan Advertiser Network for advertisers to serve their ads exclusively on websites & blogs that promote a cruelty-free and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Eco Videos

Just like YouTube, only without the spam and mess. Share & watch videos in a decluttered, spam-free space filled with informative and inspiring content by publishers from around the world.

The Green Business Directory

Where local, offline businesses from every corner of the world can promote their cruelty-free, eco-friendly restaurants, hotels, shops…


Where any member can submit an event, say, a local farmer’s market, or even forums, talks pertaining to green energy, for example.

The Food Network

Find and share your favourite vegan recipes for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.


Appeals submitted by not-for-profit charities and others who care about saving the lives of animals in peril. Raise donations and find a forever home for animals who need help through our Global Appeals Directory.


A brand new community for all who believe we can make our world better together.  Talk, share and learn from each other.  Just opened in February 2019.

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