An introduction to a vegan social network

First and foremost, welcome.

The community is now open.  So, allow me, before a deeper introduction, to go thru some basic detail.

As you first join our community, you will find a few limitations.  We do this to make sure you are one of us, and not one of those serial spammers!  The first thing you’ll notice is that the timeline is only showing you a limited number of members.  We do this to encourage you to follow other members and begin networking.  But this will expand as you start following other members.

You will also notice that there will be initial limitations to how many times you can post per day.  Fear not, as you continue to post, we will withdraw all limitations on your account.  Please understand, we need to protect our young community from spammers.

So, I am going to start off by inviting you to look thru our quick tutorials to get you all set – how to post links, images, videos, podcasts.  How to monetize your account with our very popular VeganAds Program.

Everything you need to get started is in our Tutorials.

Once you’re set to go, allow me a moment to talk thru a few more pointers…

You may be aware that there are a number of other social networks out there. The fad started in 2007-ish.  First,  Facebook.  Then others came along.  And we all ran for them. It seemed like such fun. To be in this one site where we could meet up with old pals, share photos of our current lives, show off some holiday pics, have a laugh at the old days,  etc.  After all, networking for humanity is a natural thing. We are a hive, right?  So, it made perfect sense to most of us to evolve as a hive to a virtual space like the internet.

Alas, a year after we dumped our entire life-story into this social network, we realized that it was not about us, or our silly fun debates with our friends, or the photos we wanted to share of the cute babies we had. It was about a corporate giant taking over the world and feeding its investors our data for them all to swim in money.

Well, that hurt. Some of us left that platform. I was one of them. It was tough because a lot of my friends are still there. And a lot of my family. Most people I know have switched off from social media completely. So, the internet is a lonely place.

But I have always felt that it is natural to humans to network. We are a hive. And I live by that. Even if, in these seemingly dark times, we seem so detached from real friendships, real conversations, real humanity. Everyone on social media is trying to outdo each other, competing for who has the most, bestest life ever. Everyone is an “influencer”.

It certainly doesn’t feel like a hive. But, I stick to my case. We are a hive. And it is the most natural thing for us to want to network. It makes perfect sense. We are a species that joins forces and we create great things together. Not as individuals, but as a group. Networking is evolution.

So, this is what our platform is about. A network. A type of network for people who want to debate, share, laugh, learn together. Like a real network should be. No influencers, no fakeness, no corporate ownership, no abuse, no harassment, no better-than-thouness.  Just people from around the world sharing and learning and growing together.

But, we are also a niche network for a specific type of person. This network is for the vegan community and people who wish to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. So, a lot of the posting you will find is of vegan recipes, vegan places, vegan products, eco-friendly places to stay at, eco-friendly projects ,etc. But vegans also like music, art, sport, film, jokes, politics…you name it. So, post away to your heart’s delight.

In the last 2 years, veganism has been getting a bad rep. There are some people out there who feel they have the right to tell others how to be vegan. They harass, mock, insult and abuse people, in the name of veganism? Someone should explain to those folks how that is not veganism.

Nobody is more vegan than any other. Vegans are just that. Vegan. It’s a lifestyle of peace and love and a profound respect for every footstep we take, because, as vegans, we are aware that every footstep we take destroys something. There is no such thing as a cruelty-free lifestyle.

So, as vegans, we are of peace. We don’t harass. We aren’t more vegan than any other. Or less. The best way to entice people to live a more vegan lifestyle is by simply living it ourselves. They look. They like. They join! Simple.

So, in this community, we do not harass, we do not bully. And we certainly do not post images, video or any other type of graphic content of animal abuse, for example.

From experience, I have noticed that images and video of an animal’s love reaches a million hearts, where an image of an abused animal reaches a scarce number of people.

This is because, fundamentally, despite everything we see in our cruel world, the vast, vast majority of humans don’t want to see an animal suffering. From a distance, we are unable to help. And, so, we close our eyes. That is why, in this community, we will not allow such content.

By all means, please share the love, compassion, humour we all know dogs, cats, seals, elephants, cows, dolphins, lions and every other species are capable of. Their love for their young, their joy at jumping free in a wild field. How they make friends with their human companions and other species. That’s what we want to see. And that is what, with time, will make people think twice about consuming meat, for example.

In fact, it is because of these compassionate moments caught on tape and shared on social media throughout the years, that veganism has been growing exponentially in the last decade, but principally, in the last 2-3 years. Let’s stick to that plan because it’s working!

Slowly, slowly, an ever-growing trickle of humans are quietly taking steps towards converting their lives into a more aware lifestyle. People are more aware that it’s important to read labels when shopping, to know that the products they choose to buy are from a sustainable source, and to consume less.

When the Amazon was on fire last year, people tweeted about how sad it made them feel to see the forest on fire. Or when in 2018 southern Europe was on fire and killed 100’s of people in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Greece. Then Australia in 2019. More recently, its been Ukraine. Near Chernobyl. Of all places.

As consumers, we know we are also responsible for these man-made disasters. We have been consuming carelessly, and these man-made disasters have been wake-up calls. So, responsible consumerism is on the grow.

A global awareness is happening. Fact. We don’t have to harass anyone. Or bully. Or insult anyone. We all feel the times are changing. We are living it. And it started before this pandemic.

So, please, let’s keep this community kind, responsible, and welcoming to people who may still be “testing” the vegan lifestyle. Let’s welcome those who are trying a vegan recipe, or considering a vegan product over a non-vegan product. Hey, maybe for their next holiday, they’ll be ready to choose a vegan hotel. Let’s celebrate that. Welcome these novices! Please. That’s how we convert more people to a vegan lifestyle. Not with hate, abuse, evil, or darkness.

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