Austrian spinach dumplings with vegan feta

What turns me on the most about this time we’re living, is the creativity.  People are taking on their most popular local recipes and giving it the vegan treatment.  It’s not easy.  That comes from experience.  It takes trying, testing and trying and more testing to find the right measure and mixture of ingredients to […]

Vegan Spanish tortilla

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_tta_tabs][vc_tta_section title=”English” tab_id=”1578426473460-6844b2b3-7d96″][vc_column_text]As you know they are Italian and I did not discover the Spanish tortilla until I arrived in Spain. From the day I tried it, the tortilla became one of my favorite dishes, especially my partner. I used to take it for dinner or when I went out with friends. Therefore, now that […]

The importance of knowing your tofu

Soy products are a fantastic source of protein. But remember to read the label before purchasing.
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Homus de cenoura assada

It’s a delight to see people around the world experimenting with new ways to cook old recipes in vegan mode. This recipe is easy vegan food. There is no doubt that vegan foods tend to be somewhat complicated. But that’s more what you see on the net as people are trying to get attention with semi-crazy ideas. Vegan cuisine has fast vegan recipes for all tastes.

Vegan Camembert

So, it’s not cheap. A cashew-based cheese unlike any other is, however, not for your every day! And it does require time, say, on a weekend. But, hey, we’ve got Camembert. It is 100% satisfying. So, I whip up this recipe when something special’s happening. Take note, it takes about 2 weeks minimum for the […]

Oil Free Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe

To splice up a salad, try this mayonnaise – no oil, no eggs. Simple. Fresh and yummy. Keeps well too. Once you have the base, you can play around with ingredients like mustard, or even honey, salt, pepper…whatever. Give it a try.

Vegan take on Kentucky Fried Chicken

I’ll admit that this recipe is rather daunting, what with the huge number of ingredients. Its also not cheap. But, going vegan for me was not easy. It always seemed like I was trying to make up for something that I was missing. I quickly realised it had to do with my cooking skills, or […]

Vegan Banana Bread

I tried this bread last weekend. There’s a few things that I miss, I admit it. One of them is something sweet without the eggs or butter. By God, this Banana Bread recipe does it for me. Full satisfaction. 100% recommended for one of those wintery, rainy weekends at home by the TV. The recipe […]

Vegan Chickpea Omelette

No eggs in this omelette. Tastes wonderful and only your imagination will hold you back on what you can do with this wonderful recipe.  I love original takes on classic recipes, and this one is a winner.  Who would have thought that chickpeas could be so handy.  As for the filling?  I tried with rucola […]

vegan wakame buckwheat pancake recipe

Gluten-free buckwheat pancake wrap, with a light and fresh rainbow salad. healthy, easy, and gorgeous by Jenny Mustard.