Water and sound experiment

Science is finally taking a look at what has, until recently, been seen as “voodoo science”. The effect sound has on water, for example, is difficult to explain without some brain yoga. And yet, here it is, sound influencing the motion of water. It’s nothing new, of course. Nikola Tesla, over 100 years ago, said […]

The future of renewable energy is making it look cool

When countries like Portugal are already harnessing over 60% of its required power from renewable sources, it is surprising to learn that knowledge about the potential of solar energy in our cities and the options we already have available to us regarding solar energy for our homes, is still rather limited. So, I’m gathering a […]

Living in a Parallel Universe

Philosophers have been toying with the idea of there being parallel universes and multi-verses for centuries.  Well, finally, scientists have caught up, and, claim to have even found proof of the existence of both.