To be a vegan in Sweden

I found, as I researched the local Vegan community, that Sweden is in fact way more vegan-friendly than I thought. So, here's my tour of Swedish vegan food bloggers for a taster on what the local community is cooking up.

Living a Radically Simple Permaculture Life

Hey @Crissie I think we need a section exclusive for Permaculture. I don’t know if it’s obvious, but I’m obsessed with the idea of transitioning to a simpler self-sustainable life away from the city. I share what I learn from others. Having looked around this week at what the community is sharing, I’m happy to […]

Permaculture, Self Sufficiency & Vegan Fertilisers

This is where we are going. As humanity faces more and more hardship with nature’s wrath, growing our own food and becoming truly self-sustainable is something we should all be educating ourselves about. The beauty of the internet is that it is used by people who share what they learn. Here’s one such case – […]
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Organic Sustainable Farming is the Future of Agriculture

In this film, organic market gardeners Frank and Josje talk about why the supermarket system doesn’t work and how Community Supported Agriculture fits into a new story for food growing. CSA members help farmers to grow the best quality vegetables and to nurture healthy soils by committing to receive a vegetable box every week for […]

Natural soil fertilizer from food scraps

If, like me and a growing number of city dwellers, you have dived into the wonderful world of growing your own food, then this video is a must see. The reason supermarket food, these days, has no taste is because the soil has no nutrients. Over-farming and chemicals have left us consuming food that has […]

Grow onions at home

I love onions. They add such taste to everything. Caramelized, fresh, boiled. Yum! So, I grow my own onions. And this gives me a surplus – spring onion!! Oh, the taste. I add a few cuttings to my Vegan Camembert et voilá…je suis heureuse! There are people who spend a hefty sum for a Boursin […]

Grow garlic at home

In this video, our fellow home gardener uses plastic bottles to grow garlic. Personally, I dont like to use plastic to grow or even store my food in. Not even for my pets. I’m assured by many that it is perfectly safe, but a few ago, i watched a documentary from France that did multiple […]

Grow fresh tomatoes at home

Tomatoes are simply one of the healthiest foods you can eat. But, not only do supermarket tomatoes, these days, have no taste. They also have no nutrients. Not even the organic type. This is because they are picked far too early to supply supermarkets. So, grow your own. I’ve grown tomatoes in my kitchen. And, […]

Natural nutrients for your soil

Food ,these days, no longer tastes the way it used to. In fact, food has no taste anymore. Over-farming, chemicals, and bad water has left the soil nutrientless. For those of us who grow our own food at home, though, this fellow gardener leaves a few simple, cheap and natural suggestions to replenish your soil […]

10 vegetables grown at home

Even without a garden, there are 10 vegetables that grow well in your apartment terrace. I have harvested all of the above – tried, tested and recommended. Not only for the savings in your pocket, but because, with a little information to guide you, you are guaranteed fresh, organic vegetables at home whenever you need […]