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The indie music industry is on a mission to turn vinyl more eco-friendly

The music industry is taking steps to offset their carbon footprint.  That does not always mean a change in their business format. Nonetheless, with all this in mind, I still believe we need to support all those who are looking for alternatives to our current business models.  So, as a vinyl music lover, I support these endeavours.

First ever playable vinyl made from single-use plastic

I am an advocate for a cleaner, smarter, more eco-friendly way of life.  Because it just makes sense.  I am also an avid music fan, specifically music on vinyl.  My parents listened to music all day long, and it was on vinyl.  I was raised on that sound.  So, I'm on a quest to find eco-friendly options for vinyl music lovers.

Simone Lamsma and Davida Scheffers

A stunning and truly emotional double between the violin of Simone Lamsma and the cars anglais of Davida Scheffers with John Williams conducting. Its even more touching that Davida had been forced to quit a promising musical career because of a very painful neuromuscular condition. To play again in an orchestra was Davida’s dream. Human […]

City of Lies

Although the film has rescheduled its release date due to a spat between the producers and copyright holders, Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker join forces in this new look at the murder of The Notorious B.I.G. soon after the death of Tupac Shakur, telling the story of a police officer (Depp) and an investigative reporter […]

The happy prince

Rupert Everrett takes on Oscar Wilde, the literary genius who died alone and penniless in Paris in 1900. Out in June 2018 worldwide. (Visited 35 times, 1 visits today)