Tanzania bans single-use plastic

Its official. Tanzania is banning the production, importation, sale and use of all single-use plastic bags by July, to help tackle pollution from non-biodegradable waste. The second country in the African continent to ban single-use plastic, like shopping bags, after Kenya, Tanzania has officially taken the bold step to impose the ban country-wide, giving businesses

The future of renewable energy is making it look cool

When countries like Portugal are already harnessing over 60% of its required power from renewable sources, it is surprising to learn that knowledge about the potential of solar energy in our cities and the options we already have available to us regarding solar energy for our homes, is still rather limited. So, I’m gathering a

Bhutan may compromise its forests to pay national debt

Described as the greenest country on the planet by conservationists, where 3/4 of the country is covered by untouched forest and is home to rare wildlife, Bhutan today is struggling to balance the need to protect its pristine forests and keep up with economic growth. (Visited 12 times, 1 visits today)

France’s disappearing birds

It’s not only France that is reporting an alarming decline of bird activity and populations. But this video should stir immediate action, not only from governments, but from us all. (Visited 3092 times, 1 visits today)