Howlin’ Wolf – How many more years

A live jam session with Howlin’ Wolf is magic. Luckily, we can still enjoy a few of these classic moments in history that were recorded for infinity. (Visited 3 times, 1 visits today)

David Bowie – Heroes (live)

David Bowie performing one of the most hair-raising renditions of his classic “Heroes”, in Berlin, 2002. The song is about a couple living by the Berlin Wall. (Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)

The Doors – Back door man live

One of the most powerful performances from Jim Morrison in his prime and The Doors. Live. Circa 1967-8. (Visited 18 times, 1 visits today)

Simone Lamsma and Davida Scheffers

A stunning and truly emotional double between the violin of Simone Lamsma and the cars anglais of Davida Scheffers with John Williams conducting. Its even more touching that Davida had been forced to quit a promising musical career because of a very painful neuromuscular condition. To play again in an orchestra was Davida’s dream. Human

November Rain by David Garrett

One of the most beautiful violin renditions of a classic rock song. This is David Garrett playing live back in 2010. (Visited 10 times, 1 visits today)