Nutrition and Yoga

Body Scan Meditation and Ramblings of a Yoga Teacher

Hey everyone! I want to reach some of you on a more personal level. You can expect mostly ramblings of my thoughts and ideas about life, particularly the life that I experience on a day to day basis. I want to share with you the perfect imperfections of my life. Of course I post pictures, […]

The Yogic Diet. 30 Minute Yoga Class. Beginners. Find Calm in Uncertain Times

This post investigates an alternative perspective to a healthy diet, the traditional diet of a yogi. This diet is possibly over 5000 years old and formed by some of the world’s oldest yogis. Whilst aspects of this diet are not completely matched by modern scientific evidence, there are multiple important messages that can be taken […]

Foods to Boost the immune system. Optimum Diet to fight infections

This article outlines some immune system boosting foods to include into your diet! This article is research based involving some aspects of immunonutrition so that you can be confident that your immune system is at its absolute optimum [1, 2]. If you aren’t bothered by the science, here is the summary! 🙂 Summary: Maintain a […]