Dr. Ellsworth Wareham – 98 years old vegan

As a middle-aged vegan, I get somewhat irritated at those milenial types who claim to know better than all, make up “facts” and “stats”, take up all the space and are just too loud! I don’t think they pass on the message as eloquently as an older, more learned, more experienced vegan.

This young 98 year-old vegan, a cardio-thoracic surgeon schools those milenials on the subject.

In a few short minutes, Dr Elsworth manages to convey the power of a vegan menu in one’s life. Never once does he flash a doctor’s diploma, make up an alternative fact, or even raise his voice. Just simple facts that anyone can understand.

If you care about conveying the health benefits of a vegan diet to a loved one, please consider sharing this video with them.

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