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The Fashion Industry. When it seems things are finally transitioning towards a more sustainable and respectful industry, the movement caves in on itself. Why, just a year ago some of the biggest brands announced the end of furs and skins in their collections, as was the case with Giorgio Armani. Kudos to him. In his own words, because “Technological progress … allows us to have valid alternatives”.

But one look at this Winter’s “must haves” and fur was very much on the menu, especially with actresses and models happily posting their pictures on Instagram in their favourite fur-lined winter coats, fur shawls, skin boots…God, Winter was a horror show on Instagram.

So, I thought it would be interesting to watch this Ted Talk from Sydney, Australia from 3 years ago. There are people working hard to convert the fashion industry, making them realize that it is more cost-effective and logical for brands to recycle and up-cycle their products, consider more sustainable and humane sources for their materials, etc. Are they listening?

Its not just the cruelty-free aspect that the fashion industry is lagging behind on, or even the human rights issues surrounding their raw materials, its also the ecological aspect – the dyes and other chemicals used in production, transportation, and, how these massive brands pay celebrity names to promote their products, whistling sideways at all the detrimental effects on people, animals and the environment.

One thing is for sure, technological progress does indeed mean that cruelty-free fashion is doable and desirable. Some get it. Some don’t.

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