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    With the conversation finally shifting towards #MentalHealth (which I personally think is long overdue), I thought I’d share a link to an article I came across this morning written by a guy called Johann Hari, someone who knows, from personal experience, what #Depression and #Anxiety does to a person’s life, and how the medical industry has avo…[Read more]

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    My new interest in 2018 is to attain a healthier body. I\’ve \”dabbled\” in different yogas. But Hatha Yoga has had a profound effect on me, principally because of the added value of a healthier, calmer mind. I seriously recommend this. #Health

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      There’s so little on Hatha Yoga online. Thanks for this video @Amelie
      I also found this old one. Not HD like other Yoga videos out there but I absolutely love this video and go back to it often. #Health

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        Im a big follower of a gentleman named Sadhguru and he absolutely condones Hatha Yoga as the ultimate mental and physical healer of all yogas. My 2 other favourite philosophers were also proponents of Hatha Yoga . Terence McKenna and Alan Watts. Thanks @Amelie and @marge

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          OMG. I love all 3 gentlemen. Sadly only 1 of them is still with us. But, I really think we should have a section on all 3 of them. @cristina – can this be done?

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          You’re right @Mary – Either you can open a special group called, say “Life Philosophy” where we can add a special video gallery for their talks, or, if you have an idea, let us know and we’ll see if we can set it up for you. Thanks all.

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    i hope fellow community members will join me in sharing and discussing a healthy lifestyle, exercise, mental health, philosophy and generally, everything that leads to a calmer, more peaceful and healthier lifestyle. #Health #Lifestyle
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