I Bought everyone on my Street Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags

This kid has the right idea. Serve and you will reap!

Instead of sitting around and hoping people would start taking into account their carbon footprint, he took action. He invested in his own future and that of his neighbourhood by investing in bio-degradable dog poop bags with his own money, and then offering them out to his neighbours. No payback required.

As a dog person myself (I hate the word “owner”), its a struggle. Dog poop, I mean. The local council provides free dog poop bags, which are obviously adding on to the already huge problem that is plastic and how we can dispose of the ridiculous quantities our planet is drowning in.

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  1. I really dont understand why the local councils dont make some of these eco-friendly bags available. They are not more expensive to produce. They solve a growing problem with all the plastic we are not being able to dispose of. And they keep our cities clean(er). Is it just political laziness? Or is there some other cunning geo-political plan being devised in the background that a simpleton like me cant understand?

    1. I agree. But now, there is nowhere to hide. Africa and Asia are rejecting trash from Canada, US and EU – the biggest trash producers on this planet. These 3 countries consume far, far more than any other part of the world. And now there is nowhere to dump this trash. Burning it is not an option. Burying it is not an option either. So there only option is to bring in legislation to end single-use plastic.

      Having said that, its not just politicians and their corporate mates. Its the consumer!! The consumer has choices. Do we really need to buy plastic-wrapped fruit or veg from a supermarket? What’s wrong with a weekly visit to a farmer’s market? There, we find fresh produce with no wrapping. Way fresher and mostly organic too than most major supermarket chains. Plus, Farmer’s Markets offer local produce. Why does someone in Paris have to buy bananas from Costa Rica. No offense to Costa Rica, but there’s bananas in France or other parts of Europe – like Madeira, for example.

      No excuse to say there are no markets in the neighbourhood. You can even order online. There are tons of farms who offer an online order service these days. There are plenty of options out there in all major cities. Its just a matter of looking. We, the consumers HAVE to change our ways.