I Live in a Hut- a book, audio book, and song by Yorit Rozin

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A day in the life of a child living in the Sadhana Forest vegan community, a part of Auroville ecovillage, India.

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Yorit and Aviram’s daughter only went to school when she asked to.  At the age of 10, she could: participate in conflict resolution processes, conduct cooperative games workshops, and prepare meals for over 100 people.  Rajesh Goswami remembered how he and his wife observed her happy face, and how she spoke confidently with people of different ages.  They decided to unschool too, stating ‘we wanted to enjoy being with our daughter’.

Rajesh noticed how Aviram and Yorit would look for the logical reason behind their five-year-old daughter’s outbursts, rather than reacting emotionally. Children growing up in Sadhana Forest learn how to behave from the examples set by adults, rather than by being told off.  Once, in a workshop, children sensed the adult attendee’s need for quiet, and so climbed around on the bamboo roof in silence- by their own initiative.

Children’s Land was designed by the children from local villages, who regularly come to visit.  Volunteers co-create activities with the children, by asking them what they are interested in.  Volunteers explain work they plan to do on the land that day, giving children the opportunity to join in with meaningful work, should they wish, using real adult tools, with instruction.  Children have taken responsibility for planting and maintaining trees in the forest.

Play is unstructured, with freedom for children to decide how they want to spend their time.  They might, for example:  swim in the pond, build tree houses or choose to ‘make music, earthen forts, and do nature crafts’.

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