Join Us! World Animal Hero Kids Month #animalherokidtober

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October is World Animal Hero Kids Month!
Animal Hero Kids is an all-volunteer kindness education charity empowering youth to compassionate action via free school presentations highlighting stories of animal rescue and advocacy and action for other animals.

By Susan Hargreaves, Animal Hero Kids founder, a kindness to all education and youth empowerment charity. Susan is a 40 year veteran of the Animal rights movement and long term vegan.

I love our new “We Animal Hero Kids” video, it is the first time a short video has succinctly, yet, completely, covered the entire scope of Animal Hero Kids mission and work.

It is particularly important during these challenging times to focus on positive, effective practicalities. This is a perfect time to consider, no matter what your age, volunteering for Animal Hero Kids, and joining us by choosing an activity to organize in your own locale for World Animal Hero Kids Month. There are 10 activity choices on the Animal Hero Kids month page on We are an all volunteer, global non-profit.

There has never been a time where we need more consistent kindness to all. Animal Hero Kids ambassadors are also needed from around the world. Check out the new volume of “Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless” it is a heartwarming balm of a book. The goal is to gift one to every school library.

Hope you enjoy the video I have chosen, and hope to meet you soon!



The Hollywood Times recent interview with Susan




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