King Leonard’s Teddy is short listed for the Little Rebels Award 2020

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Phoebe Swan introduces her eco kid’s book ‘King Leonard’s Teddy‘, which is currently shortlisted for the Little Rebels Award. The award recognises radical and inclusive children’s literature. The book visualises themes of ‘over-consumption and waste.. all bundled up in a hugely- relatable narrative of losing a favourite toy’.

I am completely honoured and flattered to share the news that King Leonard’s Teddy is on the shortlist for the Little Rebels Award 2020.

“King Leonard is so rich that he can buy whatever he wants. Anything old or broken is thrown onto the growing pile of trash outside his castle. But one day something breaks that can’t be easily replaced. And what’s worse, King Leonard can’t find anyone who knows how to fix it…”

The story of King Leonard’s Teddy is one which is both an enjoyable and relatable story for young children and their parents of a child’s attachment to an irreplaceable and much loved toy. But it also carries an environmental message about the impact of over-consumption and waste. In this sense I believe it can be enjoyed by anyone, on different levels.

Young children will enjoy the story, and looking at all the detail in the pictures. Older children and parents will be able to appreciate the environmental message. There is also a page of activities at the back designed to act as a conversation starter for parents and teachers to help children take the message into their everyday lives.

The Little Rebels Children’s Book Award is a prize for radical fiction aimed at children aged 0-12. Now in its 8th year, the Little Rebels Award is designed to recognise the rich tradition of radical publishing for children in the UK.

Letterbox Library is a not-for-profit, children’s booksellers and social enterprise. They specialise in children’s books which celebrate diversity, equality and inclusion.

Housmans Bookshop is one of London’s longest surviving and last remaining radical bookshops and stocks a wide range of radical books and magazines, including children’s and young adult books.


Find King Leonard’s Teddy activities on the Child’s Play publisher website

Various people have made videos of readings on Youtube


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