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Hey @Crissie I think we need a section exclusive for Permaculture. I don’t know if it’s obvious, but I’m obsessed with the idea of transitioning to a simpler self-sustainable life away from the city. I share what I learn from others.

Having looked around this week at what the community is sharing, I’m happy to see that we’re all falling into the same line of thought – home-grown food, permaculture, zero-waste.

It’s refreshing to see a community come together this way. One look at the internet today and I’m rather taken back by the sheer number of vegan businesses popping up. But on a closer inspection, it’s scary to see that good old consumerism has bitten these budding vegans too. I always thought vegans were people who actively looked to consume LESS. Not more.

Alas, the young vegan community has taken over. Straight from the Paleo fad, to the vegan fad. Hopefully I’m just a sad old bag being negative when I say they will move on. But I don’t trust myself anymore. And this consumerist vegan thing we see today is scaring me.

So, allow me to share this video. A short little story that teaches a lot about permaculture. In this day and age, we should all be learning what we can about the self-sustainable lifestyle and how to turn our homes more self-sustainable – from food to energy and everything else in-between.

More about this family in the video :

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