Natural soil fertilizer from food scraps

If, like me and a growing number of city dwellers, you have dived into the wonderful world of growing your own food, then this video is a must see.

The reason supermarket food, these days, has no taste is because the soil has no nutrients. Over-farming and chemicals have left us consuming food that has no taste and no nutrients.

This fellow home gardener shows you how easy it is to add natural fertilizer to your home garden. And everything you need is in the scraps you would otherwise throw away.

Quick note – I live in a city apartment. And the first time i attempted to make my own fertilizer at home using leftovers from my salads and juices was in the Summer time.

As a result, my fertilizer, before it actually broke down, attracted a lot of attention from local fruit flies. No harm done. But, since it was my first time, I kind of freaked, thinking the smell would attract other undesirables like spiders. But, no. The smell is hardly a worry. And it goes away in a few days. Key is to cover it up well with enough soil. I didn’t cover the pot with my fertilizer, but maybe you’d like to try it.

Either way, it is well worth it. My home garden is guaranteed natural, organic fertilizer to grow healthy tomatoes, carrots, garlic, onion, lettuce, cabbage, beetroot, parsley, potatoes and much more…

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