New climate change and vegan books from Big Questions Brighter Tomorrow

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Big Questions Brighter Tomorrow have just released ‘Livi and the Story of Climate Change’, the follow up to ‘Livi and the Story of the Sausage Roll’. Watch a video reading of each book here. One of the authors, Erika, is also starting to campaign for vegan school meals in the UK. Get in touch with her to find out more.

Let’s connect children with their food choices and we can have a more compassionate and brighter future.

When we went vegan to start with it was essentially only about us, as a family and of course the animals but it has turned out to be a mission of ours as a family to educate people and other families about what it means and how easy and wonderful it is to be vegan. The calling to do this is strong and we believe that it’s our mission to try and spread the vegan message.

That’s why we wrote Livi and the story of the sausage roll. When raising children it became painfully evident to us how far removed children and we all are in today’s society from our food and we have no connection of to how it was made and ended up in the shelf in the supermarket. From this realisation we created Big Questions Brighter Tomorrow with the mission to educate and talk truthfully to children about food choices so that they can start to understand that the choices that they make matter and that they can all make a difference.

The first book as seen in the video is “Livi and the story of the sausage roll” where we follow a pig to try and create the emotional connection to a living animal. Our next one that is out very soon is called Livi and the story of Climate Change. We will publish it here too. In the book we again follow Livi and her super crew where we try and explain to children in a simple way what climate change is and we also give them tools to do their best to try and heal the world, choosing plant based foods obviously being the biggest and best choice that they can make.

Vegan for the future of the youth

Erika from Big Questions Brighter Tomorrow

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