Animal welfare

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Elephants Rush To Greet A New Rescued Baby Elephant

Elephants are beautiful, big-hearted, emotional, caring beings. Here’s an example from the Save Elephant Foundation in Thailand. Please visit their site and show some support to their amazing work. (Visited 70 times, 1 visits today)

Land of the strays

There is such a thing as dog heaven right here on earth.  One such place is in Costa Rica, where over 900 dogs run free in a sanctuary just for them.  If you are interested in supporting their work to rescue, heal and shelter stray dogs in Costa Rica, please visit their site. (Visited 56 […]

Vafa Animal Shelter in Iran

With over 1500 animals in their care, this NGO shelter runs entirely on private donations and volunteers to help care for all the rescues.  Learn more about these animal lovers at Vafa Animal Shelter. (Visited 997 times, 1 visits today)

France’s disappearing birds

It’s not only France that is reporting an alarming decline of bird activity and populations. But this video should stir immediate action, not only from governments, but from us all. (Visited 3135 times, 1 visits today)