Vegan children's books

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Vegan Baby's Favourite Books- That's Not My Momma's Milk, Just Like Me, and Animal Rescue

My vegan toddler is 18 months old, and these are three of their favourite books. The books are not scary or graphic. They help Baby feel that they have a lot in common with animals, and imagine what it is like to live someone else's life. The books are: That's Not My Momma's Milk by Julia Barcalow and Kayleigh Castle, Just Like Me! by Stanley Foo, and Animal Rescue by Patrick George.

V is for Vegan, and other alphabets

Alphabet books for vegan children. V is for Vegan- the ABCs of being kind by Ruby Roth is an introduction to compassionate living. Animal Alphabet Flashcards have facts about animals and can be coloured in. The Vegan Alphabet Book by E. E Bertram and Baby Loves Vegan by Jennifer Eckford and Molly Egan are pictorial guides to vegan food.

Violet's Vegan Comics- Where are you going Deidra?

Guest vloggers, Violet's Vegan Comics' are prolific vegan children's authors and illustrators, with a Vegan Story Time video series on Youtube. This is the story of a cunning cow with a heartwarming secret.

Review of T. Veg book for kids about veganism and bullying

Breeze ‘Sistah Vegan’ Harper is an academic, author, consultant, and mother of four ‘sistot’ vegans. She is well known for her critical race feminist speeches… and here she reviews a picture book about dinosaurs: 'T-Veg - The Story Of A Carrot-Crunching Dinosaur'. Breeze has a talk coming up this week about antiracism parenting.

I Live in a Hut- a book, audio book, and song by Yorit Rozin

A day in the life of a child living in the Sadhana Forest vegan community, a part of Auroville ecovillage, India.

Tina Newman reads and introduces Vivi the Supervegan

'Vivi the Supervegan' is a children's book with a vegan message, designed to encourage children to take a stand and empower them to be compassionate and all kinds.  Author Tina Newman describes her vegan journey here. You can find lockdown activities on the website, and information about the next book in the series.

New climate change and vegan books from Big Questions Brighter Tomorrow

Big Questions Brighter Tomorrow have just released 'Livi and the Story of Climate Change', the follow up to 'Livi and the Story of the Sausage Roll'. Watch a video reading of each book here. One of the authors, Erika, is also working on a campaign for vegan school meals in the UK. Get in touch with her to find out more.