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Raw dehydrated carrot wrapsWhen I discovered dehydrated vegetable and fruit wraps, my world changed forever. What a delight! I added a selection of TannyRaw's videos to my articles section. Her channel is where I was originally introduced to dehydrated wraps.  There are 3 different recipes for your pleasure : Raw dehydrated vegetable and fruit wraps By the way, I highly recommend you visit TannyRaw's website.
Lentil “meatballs”To cut the amount of meat my family was consuming, I began looking into vegetarian or pescetarian alternatives that would fulfill the protein requirements perfectly. I discovered this recipe, tried it and the whole family loved it. Best of all, it's low in calories.
Raw spagbolThis is a Jamie Oliver recipe I have tried and tested multiple times. Wonderful family dinner.
Fresh pear juiceAnother family favourite that takes only 10 minutes to put together.
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