Raw dehydrated carrot wraps

When I discovered dehydrated vegetable and fruit wraps, my world changed forever. What a delight!

I added a selection of TannyRaw's videos to my articles section. Her channel is where I was originally introduced to dehydrated wraps.  There are 3 different recipes for your pleasure : Raw dehydrated vegetable and fruit wraps

By the way, I highly recommend you visit TannyRaw's website.

By Eco Warrior

Lentil “meatballs”

To cut the amount of meat my family was consuming, I began looking into vegetarian or pescetarian alternatives that would fulfill the protein requirements perfectly. I discovered this recipe, tried it and the whole family loved it. Best of all, it's low in calories.

By Amelie

Raw spagbol

This is a Jamie Oliver recipe I have tried and tested multiple times. Wonderful family dinner.

By Crissie

Fresh pear juice

Another family favourite that takes only 10 minutes to put together.

By Crissie

Juicing with the family

My whole family loves this juice. I normally serve at dinner time.

By Crissie

Winter juice

I love this juice when the temperature starts falling. Its my autumn morning starter. Full of nutrients.

By Crissie

Fresh beet

Sweet, fresh and full of amazing nutrients.

By Crissie

Morning green juice

This is my morning go-to juice. Love it. So fresh.

By Crissie

vegan kofte

I like to try new recipes. This one I had to do and loved it. Its not as spicy as it sounds and the yoghurt dip makes the perfect mix of tastes. On an added note, I don't buy ready-made peanut butter ever. I make my own at home. Roast them up and stick them in a mixer. Love!

By Eco Warrior

Mini vegetarian lasagnes

I love lasagnes and the whole family loves them too. This is just a super cute way to present a classic recipe that everyone appreciates.

By Crissie

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