Sadhana Forest is my home. By Yorit Rozin

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Yorit Rozin is a mother of two, and co founder of Sadhana Forest – a vegan reforestation and sustainable living community in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, South India. Her book of autobiographical stories ‘From my little hut in the forest‘ is available for free download; Yorit also lives a gift economy lifestyle. Sneak a peak at Yorit’s forthcoming children’s book and video ‘I live in a hut’ here too.

Hello, my name is Yorit. I am writing to you from my little hut in the forest. This is my home for the last 16 years.

When people hear that I live in a hut they often feel pity for me. Once they visit me, they have this “wow” expression on their face and they all say the same thing: “Your home is straight out of a fairy tale!”

I smile for a moment, and think to myself: is my life a fairy tale? I do feel that I live in a palace! I love the openness, I love being so close to nature, I love the birds that come to visit me… I love the simplicity!

I am the co founder of Sadhana Forest – a Vegan Reforestation and Sustainable Living community in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, South India. At Sadhana Forest we host more than a thousand volunteers a year from all over the world, including many families who come to plant trees and to learn about living a sustainable vegan lifestyle. I feel very lucky to get to spend time with inspiring people from around the globe who have so much passion to make this world a better place.

In my past life I used to practice architecture and design homes for people. Yes, it was a nice creative profession, but when the day in the office was over, the second part of the day – my duties at home – were waiting for me. It always felt like a burden!

Everything changed when I moved to an empty piece of land with my husband Aviram, and our three-year-old daughter Osher. The idea was to bring the forest back to the land.

I vividly remember how I felt in that first week: the excitement of starting a new project, and the love expanding my heart. I found myself working with so much passion and enthusiasm, thinking about transforming the land into a forest and at the same time building our home. Now I know how it feels when passion and life meet each other.

And what is a home without family?

Since I was 12 years old, only one thing was clear to me: one day I will be a mother! I imagined many thing about what it would look like, but I definitely didn’t imagine myself living in a hut 🙂

Being a mother in Sadhana Forest is not exactly what most people would think about motherhood. Many grandmothers would flip looking at a child having a bath in a bucket between the bushes, or eating mud cakes for dessert. For us raising children in nature was very natural.

In 2008, our younger daughter was born in our hut in the forest with the help of a midwife from Auroville. The birth was a special experience not just for the three of us, but also for the whole community. Just one minute after her birth, over seventy volunteers stood behind the curtain of our hut and welcomed Shalev with a song.

As they grew up, our daughters didn’t go to schools until one of them asked to join when she was 13 years old. The girls were closely integrated into the life at Sadhana Forest and grew up alongside the project with nature and community as their teachers. Slowly, as we followed their steps, we learned so much by observing life through their eyes.

So… this is my life in just a few words. Every day in the forest is a birth of a new story, so by now I have a thousand and one stories to share with you. If you happen to be around the corner, in the southern part of India, not far from a small town named Pondicherry, please do come for a visit. I promise you at least a handful of exciting experiences. And until then, you can get a feel for it by watching some of our videos, listening to my book: From my little hut in the forest, or watching the video book: I live in a hut.

If you want to know more, write to me at y[email protected] I will be more than happy to hear from you.

Love from the Forest, Yorit

Sadhana Forest, as introduced by children:

A song based on the new book ‘I live in a hut’:

Sadhana Forest website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube

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