Super vegan children- three videos and activities

‘Me… Jane Goodall’ by Patrick McDonnell is the girlhood of a scientist and her chimp friend. Vivi the Supervegan by Tina Newman is a school girl with magical powers to help animals. I’m a Supervegan by Kaie Clark is about an average girl who is super kind.

Me… Jane Goodall
Written by Patrick McDonnell, published by Little Brown and Company, awarded Caldecott Honor

Pause in the reassuring presence of Dr Jane’s story time! Dr Jane Goodall herself reads this biography of her childhood. As a girl, Jane ‘dreams of a life living with and helping all animals.’ A favourite animal was the cuddly chimpanzee featured in the story, which she tells viewers she still has. In one anecdote, the pair craw into a chicken coop to watch a hen lay an egg, displaying the healthy curiosity which would stay with Jane in adulthood.
Jane went on to spent time with real chimpanzees in the wild and made discoveries about their lives. Later, she founded the Jane Goodall Institute to conserve the chimpanzee’s home habitats. Jane knows that humans and animals are not in competition, and that humanitarian and conservation work must go hand-in hand. Therefore, the institute also helps people. Jane is now a ‘humanitarian, conservationist, animal activist, environmentalist, and United Nations Messenger of Peace’.
There are several children’s books about Jane Goodall, and stories she has written herself. On the Storytime with Dr. Jane website you can hear her read other stories she has written herself, drawing on her scientific knowledge. Roots and Shoots is an offshoot project with learning resources, including: a home study schedule, drawing tutorial, lesson plans, activities and actions.

Vivi the Supervegan
Written by Tina Newman, illustrated by Holly Clifton-Brown, for ages 3 to 8

The comforting and spirited book is about an inspirational but relatable child who uses her magic powers to help others.  It combines humour and suspense with friendly pastel pictures.  The plot goes around introducing the characters ready for the next books in the series.  ​

“She’s powered by PLANTS from her​head to her toes, using no ANIMAL products wherever​she goes.”

Tina Newman, author of Vivi the Supervegan made the video reading of the book to entertain us at home. You can find printable activities on the website. Vegan school consultant Primary Veducation report that they are creating lesson plans based on vegan children’s books, starting with Vivi the Supervegan.

I’m a Supervegan
Written by Katie Clark, illustrated by Sonnaz, published by Longview Ink, for ages 1 to 6

This book celebrates the achievements we make in everyday life when we stand our ground. Each time Elizabeth turns down the offer of an animal product she is staying true to her beliefs and protecting other beings. In these small ways, she is ‘brave caring and smart’, a superhero at heart, but with a play cape.


Find more vegan superheroes, child explorers and royalty in vegan children’s books for age 3 to 10 and other vegan children’s books, and vegan learning resources on my website.

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