Eco Tourism – Find an eco-friendly hotel for your next vacation

With air travel seeing a drop in the last 2-3 years, eco-tourism is rising. That's good news for the traveller, the local community and our planet.

Vegan travel blogger’s introduction to Norway

It took me a while to discover Vegan Norway. It’s a small community. But, what I found looks delish.

Restaurantes e mercados em Lisboa

Para veganos, de viagem ou a viver na cidade de Lisboa, em Portugal, fiquem a saber que a cidade teve o seu “awakening” para a comunidade vegana hà cerca de 2-3 anos atrás. Hoje em dia, não é dificil encontrar produtos, mercados e restaurantes que sugestões vegan e exclusivos para nós. Em Cascais, até já […]
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Combining a vacation with volunteering

Thankfully, there are more and more people who don’t care much for the old fashioned type of vacation, which would include little more than sunbathing, gazing at locals in a café or getting a selfie by a monument.  These days, the modern vacationer prefers to combine a holiday with some volunteering. In this video, we […]

Vegan adventures in Barcelona

A vegan blogger dives into the city Barcelona to check out what local kitchens have to offer a vegan traveller.

Vegan adventures in Andalucía

Travel in the Mediterranean might seem daunting for a vegan, what with the love for all things chorizo, but this travel blogger shows its not such a slog for fellow vegan travellers.

A vegan in Malaga

Travelling bloggers travel the world and discover the best options for vegans in cities around the world. This time, it’s Malaga, in Spain.