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The first thing I should tell you, before I start with my article, is that I have no particular reason for selecting a photo of 3 Probiscus monkeys to post alongside this article, which will have nothing to do with Probiscus monkeys.  But, I love them.  They are a beautiful testament to the beauty of our planet.  And their numbers, given man’s abuse, are on the decline.

Now, on with the article…

The thing with this affiliate program is that it’s multi-faceted and super easy to turn profitable. Very quickly.

All it takes is will. And about 60 minutes of work from you per day. For about 1 week. That’s it.

Let’s look at the program first. Then, I’ll show you my strategy.



First off, it’s the first real Vegan Affiliate Program. Once the marketplace opens with vendors from all over the world, no vegan will ever have any excuse for using Amazon ever again! That alone will make such a massive, wonderful impact on the vegan world, that I can’t wait.

Second, OhSo has created a super affiliate program built from the perspective of the vegan blogger, who struggles every day to compete for a few eyeballs on social media in exchange for, potentially, a few cents from Amazon.

Which is why I joined immediately. First, because its a program for the vegan business world, and nothing makes me prouder than to be part of the vegan community.

Second, the earning potential with OhSo’s Vegan Affiliate Program is amazing. And, it is built so that you can earn continuously, literally daily, after nothing more than 1 week of work.

Let’s look at how it works :

OhSo is a social network that shares revenue with the community, namely, via VeganAds, a gift to the vegan business community, if you ask me.

Not only do we have now our very own Vegan Advertising Network exclusive for vegan brands, products and services, but we can profit from it.

Each image, video, link or podcast we share on the community wall will include VeganAds.  Check out this post with the below the image.

Because I joined the affiliate program, every time someone purchases an ad on VeganAds via my posts, I earn a commission.

More on this and how to turn VeganAds on in your account in the tutorials section.

So, this is the first aspect of the program.

The second aspect of the program is you have multiple earning gateways within the affiliate program itself.

I’ll get right into showing you how I set up a super simple strategy anyone can follow.

I first had to get active on my account sharing videos, photos, podcasts, links, etc. But I’m not a very creative person. I’m no good at taking photos, I suck at videos and I’m not a good speaker for running a podcast. I’m not even a very good writer.

So? No problem. I can share stuff made by other people. Look at my wall and you’ll see I have the most amazing images and interesting videos that attract a lot of people.

All I have to make sure I do is to reference the producer. Always. Then, I’m free to share their work. In fact, most will be grateful for the extra exposure.

Every time I post a new image, video, or link, I immediately share it across all my social media. I wasn’t active on social media. In fact, I hate it. But I opened accounts on all of them because I make a lot of money from them. And, it doesn’t even matter that I only have a few followers. I still get tons of traffic from it. And this is what matters.

So, this is what I do. For about 60 minutes per day :

For each post, I write out a well-planned, keyword-relevant sentence. Then I add 2 big (popular) hashtags + 3 medium hashtags (not most popular but still popular).  I don’t really bother with hashtags on Facebook or Pinterest because their search engines already tag the keywords I used in my sentence.

Here‘s some more information about the use of hashtags in different social media platforms.  On OhSo, do you use them. But find the 1-2 hashtags most relevant to your post, rather than 20-30 which makes no sense and will get your post flagged.

I finish off my shared post by tagging up to 3-5 people. This is the most important part of your share.

In each social media platform, I look for vegan businesses or bloggers who post about the same subject-matter I’m sharing. For example, when I share an image of a new vegan recipe, I look for 3-5 vegan food bloggers to tag in my post. I search for different people to tag in each social media platform.

If, for example, I share an article about Vegan Dog Food, I look for vegan dog food vendors to tag on my post on each platform – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest. They’re there. You just need to spend a few minutes looking for them.

That’s it.

I also use Instagram, but, as you know, we can’t add links to our posts.  So, I use to add my OhSo affiliate link to my header.

You can expect that 20-30% will click on your link out of curiosity.

Once they click on my link and they decide to join OhSo, that person is automatically added to my tribe, and I will earn a commission from everything they earn. For life!

As for the hashtags, because I was careful to pick 3-5 good hashtags, I am guaranteed traffic for the whole week from each post I share.

So, like I said, I wasn’t active on social media. And, I don’t have a following. But it doesn’t matter, because there are people searching all day, every day for the hashtags. And, that means, I get traffic all week for each and every post.

So, I opened an account on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. And I religiously share on all 4 platforms every single post I publish on OhSo. I aim for 10 posts per day.

On the 1st day, I earned €33. On the 2nd day, I earned just over €50. On the 3rd day, I earned €75. Today, I already made over €100.

It’s the easiest job in the world. I can be lazy. I don’t have to take good photos, or interesting videos. I don’t have to be a good writer, or even spend time writing at all. I just have to take the time to find the most compelling stuff made by fellow vegans, and share their work on my timeline.

Plus, the job is pretty much done for me, because the biggest turn on is VeganAds. Everybody wants some ads on VeganAds. It’s wild. And so exciting to finally see tools made for vegan brands, and advertising networks exclusive for the cruelty-free society.

To top it all off, OhSo’s Vegan Affiliate Program gives me a Tribe. Which is where the magic happens. Each affiliate has a tribe. Which is why I tag people in my posts. You see, every person who joins OhSo via my affiliate link is automatically entered into my tribe. Then that person goes off and uses the exact same strategy I just explained above, which means, they will refer people to join OhSo too.

They too, become part of my tribe. And I earn a commission from every single one of those people. As they will, in their own tribe. And so on.

You’ll understand the tribe concept better once you join the vegan affiliate program.
And that’s when you’ll that you have the easiest job in the world!

If anyone has questions, I’m @Jack – just send me a private message or tag me in your post and I’ll be around to answer any questions you may have.

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