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We are on the cusp of a special era, as more and more consumers begin to consider cruelty-free and eco-friendly alternatives when they shop.  So, it’s time we all seize the moment and make cruelty-free mainstream in 2020.  For this to happen, business owners need to see each other, not as competitors, but as supporters.

The idea behind OhSo is to support Vegan and Eco-Friendly Brands reach out to an ever-growing audience.  The idea behind the Vegan Business Hub is to support those business owners and share what we know and learn about internet marketing, so we can all transition and prosper in a world that is truly cruelty-free, responsible and aware of every living creature on this planet.

The journey begins on in March 2020.  Meantime, subscribe to our Vegan Business Channel to receive notifications.

In our Vegan Business Channel, we’ll have guest posters looking into a myriad of subjects to help us run our vegan business optimally.  We’ll look at the basics, starting with the worldwide web and it’s footprint, because, yes, everything we do has a footprint on our planet.   And there are simple things we can do to lower our carbon footprint.  For example, we can consider hosting our websites with a green web host – someone who offers server space that is run on clean energy like solar power.

We’ll also look into cryptocurrency and blockchain, which, given the propaganda, you will be forgiven for believing it has a monster footprint.  Cryptocurrency specialists will be our guest-posters to explain just how fast crypto miners are converting to green energy because, they will explain, it really is the only way to be a profitable crypto miner.

We’ll also have crypto specialists explaining how we can consider using cryptocurrency as a payment option in our stores as opposed to the expensive and manipulative mainstream payment gateways used by all.

This leads us to the next subject we’ll be covering, which is privacy and security.  We’ll assess tools we can use to better secure ourselves, as well as our visitors from the prying eyes of third parties.

GDPR will also be discussed.  It is imperative we protect our privacy.  And GDPR-compliance is something we, at OhSo, are passionate about.

Search-engine optimization will be on the cards too.  As well as other online services to help us run our business, including, writing services, web design, marketing tools, etc.

So hit the subscribe button in our Vegan Business Channel to receive an alert when something new is posted.  You’ll also find in our channel a growing list of service providers to help you get your business running.

By the way, the video accompanying this post is a basic introduction to how the internet’s carbon footprint is an issue we should all consider.


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