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New Zealand talks plant-based nutrition in school

New Zealand school systems are now advising students to eat less meat and dairy in order to combat climate change. The new curriculum launched in January, according to Reuters. It uses research to show secondary school students how climate change impacts the planet. It also teaches students how consuming meat and dairy products can increase […]

The EU ditches coal

European greenhouse gas emissions continue to decline as countries switch from coal to renewable energy sources. By 2030, 13 EU countries will be without coal. The transition to more sustainable forms of energy has led to emissions reductions, according to a recent report by the European Environment Agency monitoring group. EU and UK member states […]

A vegan dog diet for health reasons

Before anyone thinks of throwing a stone, you should know this is approved by both our vets.  But even those against a vegan diet for dogs will acknowledge to having patients who have overcome certain ailments once placed on a vegan diet even if for only 1-2 days per week. Key is nutrition and the right balance.  And there are multiple health reasons for considering a vegan diet for dogs.

Dog overcomes parvovirus with a vegan diet

My 11 year-old mate has a whole bunch of health issues.  He's always had issues throughout his life.  When he was 3 months old, he contracted parvovirus.  He spent almost 2 weeks at the vet hospital and was very much touch and go for a full 10 days. 

Cruelty-free Portugal is rallying

A country that still has a far too big number of people who consider bull-fighting a tradition, the cruelty-free lifestyle is gaining strength in Portugal.

Brazilian vegans live in a vegan paradise

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s good to see new vegans coming forward.  In Brazil, where the “churrasco” is part of the culture, life is getting easier for Brazilian vegans.  New vegan restaurants in Rio de Janeiro, new vegan bars in São Paulo, new vegan bloggers sharing recipes and taking on classic, cultural recipes and giving them the vegan turn!  […]

A threat to the Amazon is a threat to us all

Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, has allowed for the destruction and land-grab of the Amazon in such unprecedented numbers that the issue is critical. Is it time for the UN to step in? Where does the EU stand on this issue after signing a new Free Trade Deal with Mercosur this month? Where do we […]

Sustainable fashion

It’s a fact – finding anything from sustainable and responsible sources will invariably be more expensive. But there are a number of very obvious and logical reasons for the price difference, starting with the fact that products from a responsible source will include a responsible cost of production for the worker who produces the product, […]

Off-grid in Australia

With our cities feeling more and more choked up, rising cost of living, depleting natural resources, and, insupportable levels of pollution, a transition to a life off-grid away from the metropolis is attracting more and more people each year, worldwide. Jill Redwood, moved to Goongerah in remote East Gippsland over 30 years ago, and has […]