Matteo Conte

Adidas goes vegan with 2 iconic releases

Adidas has released new versions of two of it’s legendary shoes. The updated design for the Samba and the Continental 80 has been rehashed with vegan ingredients. Both of these new shoes are part of the “Our Go Vegans Icons” series. Shoes have the same “look and feel” as the original, but are made of […]

Careers in Sustainability and Green Jobs with Robert Gilleskie

Find out what career paths are available in the area of sustainability. Green jobs are everywhere and provide an opportunity for people to positively impact the environment while advancing their careers. Robert Gilleskie, with more than 30 years experience in energy management and power quality, explores meaningful jobs.

Water and sound experiment

Science is finally taking a look at what has, until recently, been seen as “voodoo science”. The effect sound has on water, for example, is difficult to explain without some brain yoga. And yet, here it is, sound influencing the motion of water. It’s nothing new, of course. Nikola Tesla, over 100 years ago, said […]