V is for Vegan, and other alphabets

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Alphabet books for vegan children. V is for Vegan- the ABCs of being kind by Ruby Roth is an introduction to compassionate living. Animal Alphabet Flashcards have facts about animals and can be coloured in. The Vegan Alphabet Book by E. E Bertram and Baby Loves Vegan by Jennifer Eckford and Molly Egan are pictorial guides to vegan food.

V is for Vegan the ABCs of being kind
Written and illustrated by Ruby Roth, published by North Atlantic Books, recommended for ages 3 to 7

We were given the classic V is for Vegan when Baby was born. It is a rhythmic, rhyming, and amusing A to Z introduction to every aspect of the vegan lifestyle, covering: non-vegan foods and alternative vegan food groups, vegan clothing, animal protection, eco friendliness, and even cleaning the kitchen.

Ruby Roth is the world’s leading author and illustrator of vegan books for kids.  Her books have been translated into over 10 languages, and she has featured on CNN, Fox, Today and other major media.  That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals is a book for ages 6 to 10 which reveals the truth of factory farming.  This is so often miss-represented in children’s literature, where animals and farmers often appear to be friends.  The book explains the animal’s experiences and the environmental impacts of the farming industry.  Vegan is Love shows us how our choices and actions affect the world around us, covering issues such as: animal testing, zoos and circuses, hunting and animal racing, with ideas and resources for taking action.  The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids is a practical follow up on the philosophical books, with illustrated nutritious and healthy plant based recipes.

Find other vegan children’s animal empathy books, vegan children’s animal exploitation books, and vegan children’s cook books on my website.


Animal Alphabet flashcards
‘Like You, Only Different Animal-Friendly Alphabet Flashcards’ are free to download from Peta, and feature fun facts. There is a coloured version and a greyscale version to colour in yourself.
Find other vegan learning resources on my website.


The Vegan Alphabet Book
Written and illustrated by E. E Bertram, published by Conscious Fiction, for ages 2-6
A vegan child’s diet dictionary with vegetables, fruit and proteins, which is available as a book and e-book with audio download.
Find other vegan children’s food books on my website.


Baby Loves Vegan
Written by Jennifer Eckford, illustrated by Molly Egan, will be published by Frances Lincoln Publishers in January 2021
A pictorial vegan food guide for even younger readers- those who are inclined to eat books as well as food as part of a well balanced diet.
Find other vegan baby books on my website.

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