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Laura Chepner is a teacher, environmentalist, and vegan-inclusion educational consultant from the United Kingdom. She graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2009 with a BA in Primary Education and specialization in Global Citizenship and the Humanities. Upon recognising a gap in vegan-inclusion and education, both in her capacity as a teacher and as the mother of a vegan student, Chepner formed the United Kingdom’s first non-profit, vegan, school consultancy company “Primary Veducation” in 2017. She frequently presents to school staff and parents at events supporting vegan-inclusion, and has successfully campaigned for plant-based options on both private and public-sector menus.

Laura says:
I am Laura Chepner, a qualified teacher, author and lead consultant at Veducation Consultation which is a vegan inclusion consultancy group that encourages vegan inclusion in the workplace. I began with Primary Veducation in 2017, visiting Primary Schools up and down the country and holding staff training sessions regarding vegan-inclusion. I have worked on behalf of parents who felt as though the school did not understand their needs and have always been happy to share my expertise without a cost to the school. I have travelled up and down the country encouraging teachers to tweak topics and language choices and have showed them how to be more mindful of the vegan child in their classes. Presentations have always been light-hearted, practical, and full of ideas, simple hints and useful tips. Due to my teaching experience I could set realistic expectations which have encouraged many schools to work towards a vegan-inclusive curriculum. To support the work that I continue to do in schools I have written a guidebook which educators across the globe can use and refer to if they have a vegan child in their class titled, “Veducated! An Educator’s Guide for Vegan Inclusive Teaching.” It is the first book of its kind written by a vegan educator for other educators and is currently available to purchase on Amazon.
Primary Veducation has also provided information, template letters and support for parents who have been struggling to get vegan food for their children at school. We have proudly seen many menus implemented throughout the U.K. including a rolling vegan menu for the whole of the Bury Borough where my vegan daughter and I live. We continue to do this and offer advice to both parents and schools regarding rights and nutrition. Furthermore, Oxford University Centre for Animal Ethics has published my piece in the Journal for Animal Ethics 2020 called, ‘An Unconscious Bias Towards Animal Use and Abuse in the British Schooling System’. Primary Veducation strives to change policy in education and is currently writing Literacy lesson plans which cover full Literacy curriculum expectations for each Primary School Year that are based on Vegan literature such as Vivi the Supervegan. In doing so this will encourage teachers to use these stories knowing that all supporting resources are readily available.

Veducated! : An Educator’s Guide for Vegan-Inclusive Teaching is available at: The Book Depository and Waterstones

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