Vegan take on Kentucky Fried Chicken

I’ll admit that this recipe is rather daunting, what with the huge number of ingredients. Its also not cheap. But, going vegan for me was not easy. It always seemed like I was trying to make up for something that I was missing. I quickly realised it had to do with my cooking skills, or lack of.

When I found this guy’s site, what turned me on were the gorgeous photos of his dishes. They reminded me of my favourite foods that i was constantly reminiscing about. I watched some of his videos and was so intrigued by the mixtures of textures and tastes he was testing with that I just had to try one of his recipes.

The first thing I noticed was how much fun I had discovering new cooking skills, but also using ingredients I had never heard of. Then, of course, came the tasting. I cannot tell you how happy I was with each and every one of his recipes I tried. They completely satisfied me in every way.

As I said, there’s a lot of ingredients in most of his recipes. So its not cheap. Its also timely for a newbie in the kitchen like me. But its the weekend when I missed the old burger or cheese the most – when I’m not as busy. So, I recommend picking one or two of Gaz’s recipes and dedicating a weekend to trying them out for yourself. Since trying out his recipes, I have lost all interest in meat and dairy dishes. Completely. This dish in particular is so blimmin’ good that I’ve made it at least 4 times now. Of course, I went full steam ahead and made it with homemade bread too.

Do have a look at his website Avantgarde Vegan.

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