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The video above is an oldie but a good vlog from a vegan travelling in Norway.  The simplicity of the vlogger’s editing just lets you enjoy all the beauty of Norway.  And it’s a perfect introduction to my own journey into Vegan Norway.

It took me a while to discover Vegan Norway. It’s a small community. But, what I found looks delish.

One of my favourite Nordic Veganistas is Rachel. Damn this dark Activated Charcoal Nice Cream looks interesting.


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Rachel’s suggested recipe is made with this insanely pigmented, plant-based, all-natural superfood rainbow powder with health benefits – and that was a quote from @rawnice. They are nordic too, but from Sweden.


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But more on them later. Let’s get back to Norway for now.

It seems that, as I dig deeper into the Nordic Vegan world, my world opens up. Hoorah. That’s what I love about the vegan world – it’s so creative.

This Norwegian gal is a ballerina. And Norwegian. And vegan. She also has an eye for a good recipe. Always simple, nutritious and beautiful. Who doesn’t want to dig into one of these nutty, vegan, wholesome bowls?


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I hate barley. But I would dig into this bowl.

I can’t help but share this other Aubergine recipe from the same blogger. The colours are so rich. And it’s aubergine.


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To top off my quick voyage into the vegan world of Norway for today, I always like to look at a more local perspective. Most bloggers will write in English to attract a wider audience. But I like those who stick to their own languages. We have online translators these days, so it’s no biggie. And the more local perspective of Vegans in Norway is a treat. Like @umamirama. A plant-based food blogger whose site is here.

And the recipe I picked from @umamirama? A vegan nut loaf.  My all-time fave comfort food.  The literal translation from Norwegian is “vegan nut steak”. Nut loafs are my favourite recipes. Damn those who say a vegan nut roast is Vegan Christmas food. It’s every day food for me.


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The recipe is on her blog :
Use one of the online free translators. Be not afraid of a foreign language. You know what they say about learning a new language?


“To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.”


So dig in to some Nordic recipes and open that window!

And be sure to visit our Norway Vegan Guide.



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