Vegan virtual play- Zoom games for all the family

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Since the lockdown started, we’ve been meeting my family on Jitsi every evening.  We like Jitsi because there is no need to register for an account, and we use the same link to access the chat room everyday.  There isn’t much to talk about, so we’ve tried a few other activities:

Digital distance drawing- collaborative colouring conference call

This video shows an ‘online collaborative whiteboard’ I made on a free platform called Miro.  In the video, you can see my parent’s and brother’s cyber crayons drawing on colouring sheets.

How to have a family colouring collab!

To add the colouring sheets, I just copy and pasted links onto my whiteboard.  I invited each family member by sending them a link, and then they needed to request permission to edit the board.  There are many other websites which allow you to share a document online, such as Google Draw.  I separated the windows for the Jitsi call and whiteboard, so as I could view them side by side.

Vegan learning resources

You can find the whiteboard in the video on the Vegan Learning Resources page of Vegan Family Guide.

If you click on an image and find the source icon (square with arrow), you can visit the page it came from.  On the whiteboard can find family fun in the shape of:

vegan colouring sheets
alphabet flashcards
cutting and sticking activities
colouring with questions
spot the difference
word searches
counting and sodoku
worksheets and lesson plans
practical and comprehension activities
comics and books to read online
posters and pledges
poems and rhymes.

Family photo album quizzes

Daddy has been making some cute quizzes for us.

He finds family pictures, shares his screen (button on the bottom left of the Jitsi screen), and asks questions such as:

‘How old is Baby here?’
‘Who is holding Baby?’
‘Whose lampshade is this?’

Animal quizzes

Daddy also invented a quiz where he shares his screen and shows us parts of the RSPB website and poses a question such as:

‘Is this bird heavier or lighter than that bird?’

We did an animal sounds quiz on Youtube.

Teddy quiz

Another day, Baby and I held out various cuddly toys and the grandparents and uncle were asked to guess ‘whose bum bum is this?’


Baby and I sometimes join online playgroups.  Singing together hasn’t really worked due to time delays.  However, it’s been fun to read stories together.  In one group, we were asked to read a page each.  In another group, we were asked to collect objects from around the houses, and then use them to create a story.


We’ve also played pictionary on Zoom with the annotation tool.   This was part of  a meeting, where the host sent private messages in the chat box with the thing we had to draw.

Letter of the day

Collect and show objects which start with a letter of the day.  Granny also made a game where she laid out her objects on a table, switched off her camera, and removed one.  When she switched the camera on again we had to work out what was missing.


Find more home time activities in Vegan Family Guide.

Read another list of kid’s Zoom games

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