Water and sound experiment

Science is finally taking a look at what has, until recently, been seen as “voodoo science”. The effect sound has on water, for example, is difficult to explain without some brain yoga. And yet, here it is, sound influencing the motion of water.

It’s nothing new, of course. Nikola Tesla, over 100 years ago, said “If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations”. Alas, we had to wait for mainstream science to grasp this.

You may find this subject-matter somewhat out of step in a pro cruelty-free, environmentalist community as is OhSo, but the implications of mainstream science finally studying the work left behind scientists like Nikola Tesla is phenomenal for those of us who want to evolve towards a free, natural, clean-energy society.  This is a giant leap towards that world.

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